It’s not easy branding yourself. To be honest, this is the culmination of several years and dozens of iterations of my own personal “brand.” When I first got into website and graphic design I didn’t have anyone to create things for, so I just started creating them for myself. Logos, business cards, websites, whatever. Many things never saw the light of day, and anything that did did little to promote me.

I may like experimenting with my own brand a little too much. Maybe it’s because I enjoy the art and nuance of branding, and having something artistic and nuanced I can call mine is appealing. Or maybe I’m self-centered…

With this project, one of the things that sucked time out of my days was keeping everything consistent once I developed an idea. I would come up with a concept for one thing – a business card, for example – and really like it. But then I would get inspiration for a website concept that didn’t even come close to matching that business card. I didn’t do it the way I would a client (utilizing procedure with a lot of research.) But I also didn’t do a thorough self-examination and ask myself, “What color palette defines me as a person?” It all came from gut feelings and trial and error. I re-branded and started over numerous times. And I’ll probably do it again.


MW Branding Identity Mockup 2

MW Branding Identity Mockup